woody's GM App :}~

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woody's GM App :}~

Post by woody on Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:52 am

1.What Is Your In-Game Character Name?
woody, ofc

2.What Is Your Ventrilo Username?
woody, ofc

3.How Long have You Been Playing Tempest WoW For?
Like 3 days lmao

4.What Times Are You Able To GM Please Use Specific Time Zone And Time?
Since I live in England and we are like 6 hours infront of you guys it would be when your sleeping ^.^ (I do other things while your sleeping to but thats for another time)

5.Have You Had Any Previous Experience In Any Other Server If So Please Name Them?
And Can We Contact Them?

Nope, im just that good.

6.Also If You Would Find Someone Hacking Or Cheating In An Event What Would You Do?And Why?
I would first turn them into a chicken and spam "HAHAHAHAHA" at them for lols and then i would spam .kill and revive to annoy them then just perm ban them when I get bored because cheating is for those who have to download there skill to be as good as me :}~ (Im the best paladin in teh world btw)

7.How Old Are You?
17 so I have an untouch asshole. (Just incase there are gay GM's that want to know... Will flash my ass on cam for GM BTW!)

8.A Working Mic For Ventrilo Is Required For Any Position?
Good thing I have one then :}~

9.Please Give Us A Briefly Description About Your Self Like What Do You Like To Do ETC.?
Well im 17, I like to scream and shout when I die in game, I like to abuse people for no reason and spam VERY annoying binds, im horny as f**k 1337% of the time, I don't give everything to somebody just because they have tits. (Unless its Riddlebox, but shhh pretend I didnt say that kthx)

10.Alot Of Events People Get Out Of Hand Sometimes Alot Of Them Dont Listen They Attack Other Players And So If This Was Your Case Please List A List Of Events That You Will Take To Make Everything As Discipline As Possible?
Well you see first I would obvs tell them not to do said things that cause problems then if they did I would just take there heartstone from them and port them to the middle of the great sea and make it my personal enjoyment to watch them swim back. (And when they got back I'd just port them there again because it was soooo much fun to watch) :}~

11.If You were planning to host an event please describe all the things that you would use to make it possible?

LOTS OF LOVE AND KISSES xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Re: woody's GM App :}~

Post by Velen the Prophet on Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:55 am


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