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Post by Shadowlava on Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:57 pm

I have a few suggestions for the server. Very Happy

1.) Make a announcement bot to remind players of what ever u whant like to vote and stuff when u create the website.

2.) Eather script announce to reconize players gm lvls and allow players to use .announce like a player dose .announce Hello it comes up as [TempestWoW Player] [There name here]: Hello or a rank 1 gm dose it and it has [TempestWoW TrialGM]
and admin [TempestWoW Admin] or what ever you whant it as for the rank announcement. or make a Channel that has players auto join when logged in. Its so people can talk to each other ware ever they are and gms can watch what they say for if they say racisit thing or w/e that is not whanted.

3.) A Phasing system for gms to use to make custom events that they can build and be auto deleted when finished or w/e.

Edit: Oh i forgot to say btw the phase is the GMs own world ware they can host events for players without it geting out of hand like they can add players to there phase and ban and kick from the phase without kicking from the server. So its basicly a way to make events and stuff or build without things getting out of hand.

Well hope some my ideas will atlest be considerd and ty for reading this.
if i have any ideas ill eather edit my post or post another one Very Happy
oh and srry for my bad spellings Sad

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Re: Suggestions

Post by Lemonable133 on Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:20 pm

the whole world server chat isnt designed for player use unfortunately, u would just get spam chat spammed however, its probably no different for the .1 general chat
.2 trade (city)
.3 defense chat
etc etc, these chats were just ofcoarse for seperate area and / or the world chat will most like be used for random chat to people next to you or just random chat and to LF someone Surprised really the announce / world chat is mainly for announcing etc hope u can understand why Razz but i like the reminder bot tho Smile
i think in a way we should have a world boss like fel reaver or something u know? that drops sets (with set bonus etc) and weaps, i know we already have that but sort of make it similar to 10 / 25 man, 10 is like T(w/e) and 25 is T(w/e).5 and the 25 is alot harder, something similar to retail but customed bit, like bit more hp, mana (if it uses mana) AP if melee and SP if caster tho it might be a cross between them, armor etc and if it has adds, have something much weaker, elite, 30k hp and hits like 800 and 1.1k crit, u dont really want the mobs to be like a mini boss, i mean, the mobs in stocks hit hard with over 100k hp Surprised im just thinking retail based is all but complimented with custom to make it a tad fun


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