How to not Fail 101

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How to not Fail 101

Post by Reno on Sat Aug 01, 2009 12:13 am

Hello, and welcome, if this is the first time you have ever associated yourself with me; I leave a warning. Do not continue reading, you will end your day with the hollow feeling inside your stomach that will leave you wondering for days, weeks, months why the fuck you ever conceived the idea to continue reading this guide. However, if you belong to the latter sorts, the knowledgeable ones. Enjoy.

How to not fail... 12 letters, 4 words, 4 syllables, continually rising symbolism. First, before we can cure a sickness we must identify it. What is fail? Fail is largely known as a verbal insult, an adjective, or just a friendly, little reminder of how much your life sucks. The origin of such, can most likely be traced back to a child or teenager who was very fluent when it came to computers. While he/she lived his/her days on the diabolically leeching machine, he/she most likely came across a phrase that involved someone or something failing at a certain process and connected it to an insulting phrase and tada, evolutionary proportions were conceived.

Now that we're past the introduction, lets go onto the solution. They will all be named in order, from least affective to most.

Solution 1.) You make a grade above 69.999% repeating.

Solution 2.) Prove to your fellow gamers, coworkers, etc that you are not a pussy and will not continually take their shit.

Solution 3.) Think of funny, yet catchy jokes to tell to all the above spectators.

Solution 4.) Change to boxers for christ's sake, whitey tighteys are nice and convenient but they don't look good with a women on top of them.

Solution 5.) Make a post similar to this one.

Solution 6.) Stop procrastinating, it only helps yourself.

Solution 7.) Don't be a noob. *If needed i will make a guide on such topic*

Solution 8.) Make friends that can't be contained in 500x500 pixels.

Solution 9.) Be good at impersonations.

Solution 10.) Get a girlfriend/boyfriend that does not involve themselves in online play.

Solution 11.) Get laid by said girlfriend/boyfriend.

Solution 12.) Dump said girlfriend/boyfriend once they are interested in your computer life. We hold boundaries to contain not to exclude.

Solution 13.) Cancel all subscriptions to youtube users that play movies involving the entire color spectrum. You may think this is unnecessary, but trust me, when it comes to psychological interference... everything is a factor.

Solution 14.) Clean your room for once, even if its only for your mother... information has a way of spreading and you most likely want that information to revolve around your good habits.

Solution 15.) The final, and certainly the best option... Rave.


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