Manbeer's GM App

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Manbeer's GM App

Post by Manbeerpig on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:39 pm

1.What Is Your In-Game Character Name? Manbeerpig, Logitech, Skumbag, and more
Manbeerpig, Logitech, Skumbag, and more

2.What Is Your Ventrilo Username?

3.How Long have You Been Playing Tempest WoW For?
Since it has been up

4.What Times Are You Able To GM Please Use Specific Time Zone And Time?
anytime really i play WoW / Tempest WoW about 13 hours a day, (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Takes 1 hour out of every day 2 rave with Reno =D

5.Have You Had Any Previous Experience In Any Other Server If So Please Name Them?
And Can We Contact Them?
Not really, but i am an extremely fast learner.

6.Also If You Would Find Someone Hacking Or Cheating In An Event What Would You Do?And Why?
I would Kick them from the server and either ask a higher level GM/Admin to bann them or myself if i am a high level GM for 2 hours next time its 1 day, 3 days.

7.How Old Are You?

8.A Working Mic For Ventrilo Is Required For Any Position?
I have a working Microphone

9.Please Give Us A Briefly Description About Your Self Like What Do You Like To Do ETC.?
I'm Athletic,Sexy, loves football, Loves to play WoW

10.Alot Of Events People Get Out Of Hand Sometimes Alot Of Them Dont Listen They Attack Other Players And So If This Was Your Case Please List A List Of Events That You Will Take To Make Everything As Discipline As Possible?
i'd say the rules every 2 fights, those that would not listen would be ported out of the area and Disqualified, next time would be a kick, next would be a 1hour bann

11.If You were planning to host an event please describe all the things that you would use to make it possible?
i would hold my event in Dire Maul, set up the teams inside, Would also create a Spectator box above the arena for spectators(to stop any interferance), any team that would would start fighting would be Disqualified and ported into the box, Wining teams would go onto the Bleachers.

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Re: Manbeer's GM App

Post by Joker on Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:06 pm

GO manbeer you can do it!!! lol!


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Reno from the rave ;)

Post by Reno on Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:55 pm

Thats what we do Very Happy good app.


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Re: Manbeer's GM App

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