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Grant Wood

Post by gwood on Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:20 am

Tempest WoW GM Application

1.What Is Your In-Game Character Name?
Grantz or Chiman

2.What Is Your Ventrilo Username?
Grant Wood

3.How Long have You Been Playing Tempest WoW For?
I used to play it before the latest version as you probably remember, but as of now...3 days possibly.

4.What Times Are You Able To GM Please Use Specific Time Zone And Time?
Lately it is anywhere from about 09:00 GMT onwards (apart from minor AFK's) up until around 23:00 GMT

5.Have You Had Any Previous Experience In Any Other Server If So Please Name Them?
And Can We Contact Them?
I've played in many private servers from Uber-wow, Toxic Wow, Eternion wow and my own private server which Tempest help me make. I am not sure if they are contactable..sorry Smile

6.Also If You Would Find Someone Hacking Or Cheating In An Event What Would You Do?And Why?
For a hack i would probably use a 1 day ban from the start and if it persisted then a perma-IP ban would have to be used becasue it is unfair for the other players and hacking isn't allowed.

7.How Old Are You?
I am 16 years of age

8.A Working Mic For Ventrilo Is Required For Any Position?
Yes i have Vent and a mic

9.Please Give Us A Briefly Description About Your Self Like What Do You Like To Do ETC.?
I am currently out of school until i go college, I am big into IT and gaming but i also love to go out socialising and play sports such as Rugby. I like to help people and i used to help care for older people.

10.Alot Of Events People Get Out Of Hand Sometimes Alot Of Them Dont Listen They Attack Other Players And So If This Was Your Case Please List A List Of Events That You Will Take To Make Everything As Discipline As Possible?
First of all i would probably do verbal warnings to all play saying that if they persist they will recieve no item from the event, then if certain individuals carried on i would give them a mssage warning them with a temporary ban (or to server jail if there is one) to cool down.

11.If You were planning to host an event please describe all the things that you would use to make it possible?
Firstly get permission to host an event, then use the in-game system message broadcasting an event, and then further expand on that by using the ingame chat such as /4 or /5 to announce the event. Then i would set up the event in an appropraite area and use the GM powers to get the reward items and place any forms of NPC's or equivalent if that's what the event required


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Re: Grant Wood

Post by Elane on Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:24 pm

Pending. I'll let you know in 24 hours.

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