Noxx's GM application

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Noxx's GM application

Post by Noxx on Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:22 am

1.What Is Your In-Game Character Name?

2.What Is Your Ventrilo Username?

3.How Long have You Been Playing Tempest WoW For?
eh.. idk like 2 days, but been a part of uber wow for a while.
4.What Times Are You Able To GM Please Use Specific Time Zone And Time?
Eastern time zones, hours anywhere from Noon to 5 am

5.Have You Had Any Previous Experience In Any Other Server If So Please Name Them?
And Can We Contact Them? was currently a gm on blackdead wow, have been a gm on two other servers as well, during BC.. W R A T H wow.. and xplosionz wow..

6.Also If You Would Find Someone Hacking Or Cheating In An Event What Would You Do?And Why?
lol first of all i would kick them from server, suspend there account.. simply because hacking is illegal in the game.. and drives me crazy.. and also that shows no respect towards the server and other players.
7.How Old Are You?
16 Very Happy
8.A Working Mic For Ventrilo Is Required For Any Position?
indeed ( i have a working mic)
9.Please Give Us A Briefly Description About Your Self Like What Do You Like To Do ETC.?
well im 16, im in a band, i like to play guitar mostly.. and has a very demanding girlfriend xD and overall im a very chill person who doesn't really like drama...
10.Alot Of Events People Get Out Of Hand Sometimes Alot Of Them Dont Listen They Attack Other Players And So If This Was Your Case Please List A List Of Events That You Will Take To Make Everything As Discipline As Possible?
1. would be a simple warning to cut it out. 2. i would freeze them in place, whisper them and tell them that it is there last chance to behave. 3. if there is no response to my request for behavior then i will have to remove them from event.

11.If You were planning to host an event please describe all the things that you would use to make it possible?

well, i would probably like to talk to you about to rules and guidelines of me running an event, for instance what armor to hand out as a reward.. what not to give out and other things like that.. i would also allow only retail armor depending on the event, and inspect everyone to make sure that all battles are as fair as can be among different classes..

THANKS.. and i really hope u consider makin me a gm. Take it easy.

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Re: Noxx's GM application

Post by Elane on Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:24 pm

Pending. Ill let you know in 24 hours.

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