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Post by Tempest on Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:04 pm

Forum Rules

- If it isn't appropriate, do NOT post it. It won't be there for long if you do.....
Why?: We are trying to make Tempest WoW a friendly place for all, we do not need you to fill our forums with filth..... This includes swearing/cussing, slander and discussions of a sexual nature.
definition: Appropriate - suitable for a particular person or place or condition etc; "a book not appropriate for children"
definition: Filth - obscenity: an offensive or indecent word or phrase

- Speak English only please, or at least do the best you can.
Why?: It makes it much easier on the Moderating staff to understand and fix your problems!

- Do not post links to other WoW servers on our forums anywhere.
Why?: This is WoW Tempest, not "Drag our people away for a month just to come back to Tempest WoW"

- Don't post about server crashes, bad latency or instability
Why?: We know it happens, we try everyday to make it better, but the simple answer, its going to happen.....

- ABSOLUTELY No posting of porn. Zero Tolerance
Why?: Do you even need to ask?

- Do not disrespect or harass Admin's, GM's,Moderator's, or Tempest.
Why?: We hear enough of this when you don't get your way, we try as hard as we can, and if you don't like the way we work, we don't need to be insulted, ask nicely, or don't ask.

- Racism is not tolerated here
Why?: This is a place for ALL people, whether it be Gay/Straight, Black/White, Men/Women, Christian/Jewish we don't discriminate, neither should you.

- No spamming or impersonating other members on the forums.
Why?: If it's illegal to do it with credit cards and such, its illegal to do it here.

- No Signatures over 300 pixels in height (This includes having multiple pictures)
Why?: No one likes to scroll for 5 minutes to find a post.

- Only use the report thread function for reporting breaking of rules, nothing else.
Why?: Its a waste of time to make us look at a thread that while it may be slightly offensive to you, is not breaking the rules.

- Do not ask for help or post on making your own server here
Why?: again, see #3.

- Don't make forums about how much you hate another player. (or anything of that sort...)
Why?: We don't need you to tell us how n00bish they are, just kill them or leave it alone

- Check what forum you're posting in before you post... make sure your post belongs there.
Why?: It wastes time for GMs to move thread to the appropriate forum and also slows our ability to answer the peope who actually need the help or be replied to.

- Please do not troll the forums, bring back dead topics, or make multiple threads just to raise your post count.
Why?: Players like to watch the "Recent Forum Topics", for replies to their posts or to other posts they are watching.
It's an annoyance to refresh your page and see five dead topics brought up with replies like "/agree" or "lol"
Post counts mean nothing to players if your recent replies have been worthless.

- Read the FAQ in the Tempest WoW General>General Chat forum before you ask questions.
Why?: This will cut down on repeat topics and keep you from having to wait for someone to answer.

Note: The following the rules will result in warnings and possible bans, so please comply with the rules at all times.


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