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Forum Mod Application Format

Post by Elane on Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:22 pm

Hello Tempest WoW Community!

=======================Rules Before posting a App==================

Must be at least 18 years or older. Please don't make an application if you don't meet this requirement. You will be automatically denied if you do. We do NOT consider your application even if you say you are mature etc. You MUST be 18.

Must have been a Tempest WoW member for at least ONE month.

Must have very good knowledge of World of Warcraft.

You need to be able to get on Ventrilo, and have a microphone as well.

One application. Not 2 or 3, even if it has been months with no feedback. We check every application. If you post more than 1, they will all be denied immediately.

**Please Note: Being a Forum mod is very hard to be. You always have to be on forums and read over stuff and to see if everyone is doing alright. And help answer some question on Forums. If you think this is going to be a short cut so you don't have to post a GM App. FORUM MOD's DON'T GET GM POWERS!**

======================Forum Mod Template===================
1. What is your name?

2. What is In-Game Name?

3. What do you use as your vent name?

4. How old are you?

5. How many months have you been on our server?

6. How much time do spend on forums?

7. How many post have posted?

8. Have you ever got banned?

9. Do you think you can handle the stress?

10. We need our Forum Mod to have proper language and English an if Possible other Languages. is that ok with you?

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