Tempest Application Rules & Regulation

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Tempest Application Rules & Regulation

Post by Tempest on Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:51 pm

Welcome Tempest WoW Player's,

Rules For You Application
1. You Must Be At Least 16 yr's Old And Have A Well Understading Of GM Commands & Game Experience Also You Need To Have Played Tempest WoW For At Least 1 Month And Have A Vent Username.

2.If You Have Already Recent Application Do Not Repost It As It Will Be Declined And May Get You A 1 Week Forum Ban.

3. DO NOT PM Tempest On The Forums Or Any Tempest Wow Staff About Your Application It Will Result In A Forum Ban And Your App Will Be Declined.

4. DO NOT Post You App In The Accepted Application Topic Cause It Will Be Declined And Will Cause A Forum Ban.

5. DO NOT Post Replies On Any Other Players App's As It Will Be 3 Week Forum Ban.

Thank You


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